Monday, December 29, 2008

Screwed Over Again

Today was supposed to be my day to myself.

I wouldn't be able to go anywhere because they were taking the car... but I could have a quiet day, to putter... find some release from the tensions of my life... I am being literal there.. I am too stressed for metaphor.

But then. The Teen wouldn't go.

She didn't feel good.

She never feels good. She is always starving herself so she doesn't have to be fat like me. I pointed out that she would not be allowed to pester me, ask to go places, beg about her newly broken phone or otherwise for money. Also, she would not be able to use my or PKs computers because where she types? Viruses and trojan horses follow.

So what did I get?

She stayed home.

She begged for money to buy things.
She whined about her newly broken phone.
She bitched about not being able to use her father's computer.
She interrupted as I tried to write spec pieces for my new "car


13messages said...

I know the feeling and I wish you peace. Good luck on the rest of your day.

Anonymous said...

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