Wednesday, January 07, 2009

You Must Be Joking

I have been working hard on trying to let go of anger when dealing with PK.

Marriage counseling is helping... After initially being irritated that the therapist seemed to take everything PK said at face value, I have since noted that she is essentially directing him to behave better... which so far he does. Will I be able to let go all my anger? Who knows. But not being at each other's throats makes life more pleasant around here.

On the other hand he shouldn't be so stupid as to suggest I talk dirty to him while we are playing around... When I express that part of me, he uses it against me. and frankly, I can't figure out the lines between good naughty wife and bad naughty wife and you whore.

So don't even go there, asshat.

Clearly, I have more work to do...


The Other Woman said...

You should be able to express whatever part of yourself you please, and not have it held against you (providing you're not being abusive, of course.)

Poppy said...

I am too shy-out-my-mouth to talk dirty so I let my body do all the talking.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

As the therapist for both, she kind of has to take everything either of you say at face value (to your perception), but that doesn't mean she has to believe it or act on it.

That she's trying to direct him is a good sign.

Jen17 said...

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